Share your perceptions about the City of Grain Valley!

Please help Grain Valley create the perfect brand message and identity for our community by participating in a community–wide survey.


We hope you will take a few minutes to participate in the community conversation and take the survey. And of course, share additional thoughts and ideas about why you think Grain Valley is a special place to live.


This survey is an essential part of the research necessary to create a new strategic brand message for Grain Valley.


We will not share your information with anyone. All information collected will be presented in total. Please complete the survey before Friday, December 3, 2021.


Please forward this survey link to friends, family or co-workers that live or work in Grain Valley.

No internet? No problem! Hard copies of the survey are available at City Hall.

Or, text Survey to 844.403.2238 for the survey link.

We want everyone’s voice to be heard!

What is Place/Community Branding?

Place, or community branding is a brand strategy that projects images and manages perceptions about a “place” (Grain Valley) to advance the economic, social, and cultural development of cities, regions, and countries. 

Why Does Grain Valley Need to Brand?


We live in a competitive environment which makes it important for places, no matter their size or composition, to clearly differentiate themselves and to convey why they are relevant to attract new residents, businesses and industries.